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Zibby's day and a bit more

Posted on May 24, 2014 at 11:20 AM


So as you know, it was my birthday Tuesday (I think the world knew about it cos I went on and on about it LOL) It was a great day and it felt good being in a totally different city, which I think I’m falling in love with BTW. Anyways so Thursday I went to a spa in the city, and it was a full pamper session. It cost ALOT of Zibby's hard earned money ( I did pay less than the actual price -I’m a bargain hunter and I never pay full price) for a full session – relaxing massage, complete facial, sauna steam session and a pedicure.

Some parts of the massage got a bit painful hahaha and there was a part of the facial that REALLY hurt. I guess i have VERY low tolerance to pain. I felt like a queen, not cold like queen Elizabeth, more like Nefertiti or Cleopatra. And the music playing in the background was from Westlife - cheesy but enjoyable and I’m almost embarrassed to admit, I knew ALL the lyrics. I’m claustrophobic so I was a bit scared of going into the sauna, but the girls were lovely and i decided to suck it up and get in. Glad I did it, cos it felt so nice. I can see why the Dane and Viking warriors loved Saunas (I’m pretty certain theirs were much hotter than what I got into tho, LOL)

The pedicure was the last procedure and when I was done, I gave a modest tip to the ladies and went on my way! I felt relaxed and pampered, it was well worth it. However I wish I got offered a glass of wine, juice or even water – I mean after all that cash plus the heat in the sauna, I definitely deserved it. Or at least that should have served as payment for the free Westlife karaoke I did for the staff.

I’ve done acupuncture and I’ve even done a garra rufa fish pedicure (yep, the one where the live fish eat your feet) and no I didn’t get them done in Nigeria. I should blog about that soemtime.

My first weekend in the city and I went out last night to capture the essence of this city! Lets say i came back home, fell asleep with a smile and woke up with a bigger smile LOL.

Can you guess what city I’m in? #ZibTip to help you guess...Its FAST!

Talk soon.

Zibby xx


PS: Did i tell you about our brand new spin off shows? You'll love it! More info coming soon :)



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