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The Zibby Show

The Zibby Show is an online talk show which focuses on the issues affecting individuals in our society daily. These issues are deliberated and discussed with listeners and guests, who have significant knowledge in these areas. These topics include;

  • Entertainment and sport
  • Economy and environment
  • Health and fitness
  • Entrepreneurship and careers
  • Spirituality and academics
  • Relationships and family
  • Love and life 

Individuals who have achieved extra ordinary feats, who may motivate and inspire others, are also recognized for their works.

But of course we love and appreciate all our listeners and contributors. So there are loads of free gifts to be given out. All you have to do is tune in to the show and follow the discussion on our forums on the website, facebook and twitter. 

  Want to be on The Zibby Show? Contact us and you're on! Its that easy! And did we mention "Rant & Rave",  Or "Ask Zibby"?  Hahaha you'll love it! And don't forget the Book Club.
The Zibby Show book club is a group club or network dedicated to all lovers of books. Members choose books, read and discuss them. There are no limitations as fiction, non-fiction, drama and poetry are all welcome. If you love reading and writing, it would be a good idea to join and meet people with similar interests. Its an online club but physical meetups may be arranged. Please click HERE to go to the Book Club's page. (opens in new window)  It'll be fun!